The City of Krishna’s Dvaraka: From Mythology to History — #SangamTalk By Dr Nalini Rao

The discovery of the underwater city of Krishna’s Dvaraka in Western India has shaped the trajectory of study of the historicity of Mahabharata, and particularly of Shri Krishna. The scientific underwater excavations conducted by Dr. S.R.Rao,

from 1981 to 1995, with 14 cruises to Dvaraka and 11 to Bet Dvaraka has been acknowledged world- wide. The talk examines the problems faced, the types of artifacts discovered, the integrated method, analysis, interpretation, the challenges that the site faces today and what can be done for its preservation and conservation today.

About Speaker: –

Nalini Rao is Prof. of World Art in Soka University, USA, and Chairperson of S.R.Rao Foundation. Her publications include Sindhu-Sarasvati Civlilization, Royal Imagery and Networks of Power at Vijayanagara, The Hindu Monastery in South India, Lexington Books, 2020 (forthcoming). (View More)

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