Yantra: Myths And Facts | Yogini Sri Rome

This talk discusses Yantras, their uses and how to choose and experience Yantras. The relationship between Yantra & Mantra. The myths and facts on this path as well as religious and spiritual significance of Yantras. The journey from simple Yantra to Sri Yantra (King of all Yantras). The Parshurama Kalpa sutra and much more. Dive into the world of Yantras and understand the sacred code which our Seers and Sages kept for us.

About Speaker: –

“Conscious soul on earth experiencing, expressing, and evolving towards universal oneness” Yogini Sri Rome’s spiritual journey started at age of 3 as she was born & brought up at a religious place in Vajareshwari near Mumbai in a Brahmin family and raised by spiritual parents, bestowed with the company of seers, sages, and a spiritual master from a very early age. Her mother remains her first ‘Guru’. Yogini Sri Rome runs her retreat centre in Wayanad- Kerala spreading Spiritual and Vedic side of Yantra Art to Seekers. Yogini Sri Rome met an accident, encountered death, had multiple complications due to head and spine injuries and lost her memory. Medical science had no remedies. So she turned towards Sacred Geometry and the unstoppable journey started of studying more than 200 Vedic Yantra and she surrendered to this path.
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