Why The Fascination For Aurangzeb? — A Talk By Francois Gautier

Aurangzeb was a monster who killed not only Hindus, but his own family. Why this fascination then of western Indologists, like Audrey Truschke for him? One needs to forward to today and analyse what motivates these ‘India specialists’. First, nothing has changed: Islamic fundamentalism is still excused in the 21st century – and sometimes even, condoned, in the name of Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir etc.

Secondly, Aurangzeb was a very meticulous and through killer, who had every of his orders written and signed by the emperor’s seal – this pleases the western mind, which likes the methodically done. Thirdly, there is an unconscious (or conscious) sentiment of superiority in westerners, and equamly unsoncious feeling that Islam is superior to Hinduism.

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François Gautier was born in Paris, France and was South India correspondent for Le Figaro, one of France’s leading newspapers. François has written several books, amongst the latest: « Apprendre à Souffler (Hachette Marabout, 2016), « Nouvelle, (View More)

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