Scribie is an audio/video transcription service which aims to build the best place for transcription on the internet, both for customers and transcribers. Our focus is quality and we a 4-step process to ensure that the transcripts are as accurate as possible. Scribie was started by Rajiv Poddar in 2008 as a bedroom project and has grown over the years to become a well known brand. Rajiv is a NIT Silchar alumnus and lives in Bangalore.

Rahul Adap — Mumbai

Rahul Adap is a marketing consultant and speaker. He has been associated with Srijan Foundation helping grow our YouTube channel. He regularly shares his learnings with the team.

Priya Darshini C N — Netherlands

Priyadarshini is a Civil engineer specialized in road engineering. Her choice of becoming a civil engineer was inspired by the Brihadeeshwarar temple. All thanks to the writers Kalki and Balakumaran. Thus temples hold a special place in her heart.

Interests: Yoga and Meditation, Reading, Badminton, Indic philosophy, Languages, Itihasas & Puranas, Hindu temples, Politics.

Satyam — Bengaluru

Satyam is a finance, history and Indology enthusiast from Jamui, Bihar. He is a graduate from NIT Hamirpur in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur. Satyam has worked in various companies and currently he is working as Product Efficiency Engineer in a prestigious firm in Bengaluru.

Satyam has been volunteering with the Art of Living for organizing events and activities from 2010. He had been associated with literature as editor of the college magazine. Currently, he contributes to Srijan Foundation.
Twitter Profile: – @satyam14126

Geetha Muralidharan – Tamil Nadu

Geetha Muralidharan is a B.Sc graduate and worked for nearly three decades in a nationalised bank and took voluntary retirement in 2001. Geetha has done the translation of books from English to Tamil about Sri Satya Sai Baba and an English novel for a well known Tamil writer Sri Venugopalan [a] Pushpa Thangadumirai.

Geetha used to read Tamil and English books. Presently she is into Sri Vaishnavism and have been reading books related to Sanathana Dharma, like Srimad Bagavatham and other works by SriVaishnava scholars called as Alwars.

Mitra Desai — Australia

Mitra Desai lives in Australia and works in the Public Sector. For her volunteering for Srijan Foundation has been an important part of her learning journey as it keeps adding layers of fascinating, unique and diverse information to her experience.

She is retelling some of Bharat’s awe-inspiring stories on her channel, Tejomaya Bharat on YT, FB and Telegram.

Mahesh Shrimali — Hampshire, UK

Mahesh Shrimali is a senior IT professional working in the telecommunication domain. He has extensively travelled across the world and lived in different geographies & cultures. He is an avid reader and pens down his thoughts from time to time by writing informative articles on social media. For his passion to contribute back in Dharmic journey, he volunteers for many organisations including Srijan Foundation.

About his educational profile – He did his engineering from MNIT, Jaipur and post graduate diploma in advanced computing from CDAC, MET, Mumbai.

Sateesh Javali — Bengaluru

Sateesh is a mechanical engineer by profession and has interest in Indology. He currently works in a management consulting firm in Bengaluru.

He is associated with Sri Ramakrishna Mission since the age of 13 and has been doing small volunteering tasks for the mission since then. To give back to the society more vigorously, he started volunteering for the Srijan Foundation.