Versatility Of Indian Music As Therapeutic Implement – A Talk By Ruma Chakravarty

Music Therapy is considered to be one of the most effective, natural and non-invasive treatment procedures today. Indian Music, with its rich structure has much more to offer than just relieving stress. Indian music system has the potential to work on simple to complex brain functions and bring harmony to our mind, body and psyche. The topic ‘Versatility of Indian music as therapeutic implement’ will attempt to offer glimpses of how different elements of Indian music & rhythm is therapeutically relevant; how Indian music therapy is applicable for people at all ages and staged; prospect of Indian music therapy and research work being carried out etc.

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Ruma Chakravarty, a leadership executive coach by profession, is a trained Hindustani vocal musician and a music therapist. She founded Factorize, (a company dedicated to Executive Coaching and Training) and SurManjari (a Music Education and Music, View More

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