Vedic ‘Brahman’ Vs ‘God’ & ‘Allah’ – The God Of Consciousness Vs God(s) Of Intellect | Sanjay Dixit

Anthropomorphic, vengeful & fearful sky-dwelling male ‘Allah’ of Islam & ‘God’ of Christianity have a single agenda of dividing the world into ‘Believers’ / ‘Non-Believers’ & reward/punish them respectively. However, the Vedic ‘Brahman’ meaning ‘that which grows’ is the creator & maintainer, infinite, eternal, genderless, transcendent, omniscient, omnipresent Absolute / Supreme Consciousness, formless(Nirgun) & with form(Sargun) & is inseparable from the ‘Atman’ in every creation, thus non-dual. All this & more in this talk.

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