Urban Naxals: Unravelling the Mask of Dissent — A Talk by Haritha Pusarla

Having penetrated the social, political, administrative, academic, artistic and media spaces in the Indian urbanized ecosphere, Urban Naxals have dominated the intellectual turf, reducing anyone who thinks outside of their box into a subaltern nobody. They have mastered the art of cultivating and fostering their preferred narrative, the ONLY acceptable narrative, and allow no room for dissent.

Yet, this intellectual leftist cabal has left no stone unturned in maligning the current regime as repressive and fascist with their shrill cries of cleverly engineered dissent. Their constant, selective and often manufactured outrage about intolerance belies the simple truth that India is largely a free and accommodating society that has had an iconic history of dissent.

Haritha Pusarla examines the machinations of the Urban Naxal ecosystem and exposes the nuances of its functioning. Twisting unfortunate incidents to push their narrative, orchestrating protests by civil society against imaginary intolerance, inciting violence and chaos along religious and caste-based fault lines, influencing law-enforcement, judicial and electoral processes, and even conspiring sinister sedition and assassination plots are the modus operandi of this insidious, anti-national cabal, whose bluff must be called out.

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Haritha Pusarla is a freelance writer, blogger and thinker. SHe has authored several articles on a wide range of subjects ranging from climate change, breakthrough science, sports, travelogue, book review and other contemporary issues. Read More…

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