Uprooted Hindu In Modern India | Dr. Bharat Gupt

Loss of rituals, education and Arts, denigration of Sanskrit; Decline of Gurus and elevation of rampant consumerism has weakened the Hindu globally. Far from the dream of being ‘Vishwa-guru’, Bharat is unable to resist attacks of the proselytizing religions. India must wake up and fight back culturally for survival. First in a series based on the book , ‘India: Cultural decline and revival’.

Idea of India exists in terms of Western Sociology and parameters. India needs its own parameters. Based on Verse from the Mahabharata.
For the sake of the family, individual interests have to be given up.
For the Village, the family! For the Nation, the Village interests have to be given up.
For Atma / Dharma, the entire World !

Thus through these 6 units, Modern India is analysed which is a counter for Nehru’s ‘secularist’ narrative. The Book is divided into 3 parts each dealing with 2 of above units.
Part 1 – The individual and the Family Deals with cultural issues
Part 2 – The village and the Nation Deals with social issues
Part 3 – The World and the Atma / Dharma Deals with spiritual issues

Aspirations of a modern Indian Family or ‘Kul’ is a rampant consumerism reminding of the legendary Yayati who after having enjoyed his youthful life, borrows the youth of his son and Kamsa who refuses to let the next generation replace him. Modern India has given up the notion of ‘Tyaaga, with no Dharma – kaam, artha and moksha; but only kaam, kaam, kaam. And children are brought up to be money-making machines. Children are no longer centre of the family and thus, the family consumes children themselves. Family becomes ‘Yayati’ lacks the ‘vatsalya’ affection, and like Kansa, doesn’t allow the children to replace you.

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