Understanding Maoism in India – #Sangamtalk By Capt Smita Gaikwad

An introductory session focusing on the basics of Maoism in India, its history, objectives, extent of its urban dimensions, and modus operandi. Capt, Smita shares from her long first-hand experiences in Naxalite areas, the real life stories of Maoists and ex-Maoists, the ‘dalams’ or the gangs that recruit them, their motivations for joining and leaving Maoism, and most of all, how it is all controlled by higher centers of power within the Maoist groups, and a larger framework within which they operate. Finally, she analyses the impact of Maoism on the Human Rights of the Tribals and the other citizens of India.

About Speaker: –

A former Army Officer and a research fellow on internal security issues, Capt. Smita Gaikwad has been a vociferous thought leader and strategic thinker, raising her voice about Urban Maoism and its threat to the nation. After a career in the Army, she has had a diverse experience in the corporate, social, (View More)

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