In the genre of ‘History – Non Fiction’, Dr Uday S Kulkarni has written three books – ‘Solstice at Panipat’, about the third battle of Panipat. ‘The era of Bajirao’ and the ‘Bakhar of Panipat’. Presently he is writing his next book titled ‘The Mastery of Hindustan – A Narrative of Maratha Paramountcy in the 18th century India’. Alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. A surgeon by profession with a Masters Degree from UNiversity of Mumbai, he has served in the Indian Navy, retiring in the rank of Surgeon Commander. Has a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism from University of Pune.

He is a practicing Surgeon with an interest in Civic and environmental issues. Dr. Uday S Kulkarni chooses to remian politically inert even as he affirms the importance of Indian Ethos.

Srijan Talk of Uday S Kulkarni: –

The Zari Patka in Delhi