Tracing The Timeline Of Ancient Bharat: Mahabharat War To Guptas — A Talk By Mrugendra Vinod

In the 1790s, British philologist and founder of the Asiatic Society of India, William Jones made an erroneous correlation between the Indian kings Xandrames and Sandracottus mentioned in Greek historical accounts during Alexander’s invasion of India in 323 BCE, with Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan Empire. This correlation came to be established as a sheet anchor in Indian History thenceforth and the entire ancient Indian chronology was established based on this sheet anchor. Traditional Indian historians bitterly contested this sheet anchor and Jones’ identification of Xandrames with Chandragupta Maurya as flawed, as it did not match with the much older and elaborate chronological accounts found in the Puranas from the time of the Mahabharata till the period of the Guptas.

In this fascinating Srijan Talk, acclaimed Author and Vedantic Researcher Shri Mrugendra Vinod puts forth his original research on the correct and authentic identification of Xandrames and Sandrocottus found in Greek accounts. He examines the Puranic chronology of the various epochs and elaborates on the incontrovertible bilateral identification of contemporary Greek and Indian figures from both Greek as well as Puranic Indian sources to arrive at his inference. Shri Vinod establishes conclusively that the Indian king Xandrames, who was a contemporary of Alexander may be identified with king Sadachandra Chandramsha of the Naga dynasty who was a very powerful king who ruled all the way from Bahlika to Banga.

Do watch this intriguing Srijan Talk to know and understand the lesser-known and hazy period of the ancient Indian timeline, which had been hitherto kept in the dark by motivated colonial historians.

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Mrugendra Vinod is the founder president of Anandavan Bhakta Samudaya, Varanasi. He did his B.E. in Comp.Sc. from MSUniversity of Baroda, 1986. He worked for TIFR and DRDO for a short time before devoting himself completely to spiritual quest. Read More…

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