The Rashtra-Bhasha Conundrum Through the Lens of #DharamRajya | Shankara B | Rahul D | #HinduDialogues

What is the difference between Nation-State, Rashtra, Rajya and Desh. This talks goes down the historical lane from the Rig Veda till today to understand these concepts. This talk also discusses the linguistic state concept Vs Geo-Cultural concept/unit and harmony of Rashtra which is a big issue these days because since our ancient history never mentioned any such tussle or animosity between Desh Bhashas and the unit of Desh.

However, with the modern concept of Nation-State (a geo-political identity) being imposed on us, we have the earlier harmonious relationship being turned into a linguistic cum political battle which even the Constitutional founding fathers never addressed or rectified while framing the Constitution of India. The one size fits all concept imposed on western countries through their neo-colonialist forces and institutions is the main reason for this constant internal strife in countries like India which has a history that is older than history itself.

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