The Philosophy of Homeopathy — #SangamTalk By Sanjiv Arora

Homeopathy is based on the law of similars – “Likes cure likes”. Homeopathy believes man is his vital force or soul that annihilates the body and it is this vital force that gets sick before the disease manifests in body and organs.

It is the vital force that senses everything. Organs without vital force cannot sense anything. So all derangements of the vital force are felt in morbid sensations and functions of the affected part as a healthy individual should not feel anything in the body. eg palpitations- a healthy person should not feel his heart. Since the disease in the vital force is on a dynamic level, so also the medicine to cure should be on a dynamic plane.

How medicines work – If our body is attacked by a virus that dies at 103 degrees. Our body raises it’s temperature in the form of fever to kill the virus. Our medicine which produces a similar fever, helps the body in killing the virus by helping the body to raise the temperature to the required level.

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Studied commerce in SRCC. Working in family business of wholesale of Raymond fabrics. After a severe cough in school started treatment of Homeopathy and was impressed by it. Later started reading homeopathic books on my own and started practicing on myself and family. (View More)

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