The Neo-Colonial Mentalities Behind The Distortion Of Indian History — #SangamTalk By Ruchir Sharma

Going into the colonial mentalities behind the whitewashing and manipulation of Indian history, Ruchir Sharma discusses how Nehruvians (India’s post-colonial Anglophile elite) and their foreign mentors act as the self-appointed gatekeepers of Indian history, culture, and knowledge systems, denying access to the rest of society.

They see Indian society with the same lens as our erstwhile colonial masters – not as empowered citizens with reason and intellect, but as violent, savage natives who cannot be trusted with the truth about their own history. Instead of offering an honest conversation through truth and reconciliation, they fabricate narratives designed to degrade and demoralise Indian society and it’s indigenous philosophies, ideologies, and political movements.

Despite their self-styled branding as Marxist theorists, revolutionary thinkers, or brave dissenters, many of these “eminent intellectuals” were simply mentally-colonised elites beholden to foreign political ideologies and co-opted by the Congress establishment to manufacture consent for an increasingly autocratic and dynastic single-party rule with a “civilising mission” and “secularising mission”.

Today, with their domestic political patrons weaker than ever, a new generation of neo-colonial ‘comprador’ intellectuals are being groomed by foreign intelligence agencies, academics, and NGOs as regime change assets in a long-term endeavour to cripple India’s economic and geopolitical aspirations through a Balkanisation strategy.

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