The Invisible People of CPEC Part – II Xinxiang Province and POJK – A Documentary By Siddharth Acharya

The first part of the series was about Gilgit Baltistan –…

The next part of series is based upon Xinxiang province and human right violation of Uyghur muslims. It talks about rights of Uyghurs, Ahmadiyas, Shias, Noor Bakshiya and other sects. The Corridor which is building right across chest of Indian land is going to further increase sectarian violence, demographic transitions etc. Such topics have been taken up & shown in detail. This documentary is a must watch and very important that citizens must know what all shortcomings India has been going through since very long time.

***This film by Siddharth Acharya has been reproduced with permission.

About Director: –

Siddharth Acharya is a lawyer practicing in Supreme court of India, Delhi High Court and National Company Law Tribunal. He is also a documentary filmmaker by passion and has made award winning documentary film on exodus of Kashmiri Pandits titled “the abandoned cranes”. (View More)

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