The Concept of Yuga and it’s Implications for Indian Chronology – #SangamTalk By Vedveer Arya

Yuga was a five-year Vedic calendar. The duration of a Yuga and a Chaturyuga were increased from 5 years to 1200 years and from 20 years to 4800 years respectively. Later, the duration of a Chaturyuga was again increased from 4800 years to 12000 years and from 12000 years to 4320000 years with the objective of achieving accurate calendrical calculations.

A critical study of evolution of the concept of Yugas not only discovers a sheet anchor date of the end of 28th Krita Yuga but also establishes the true chronology of ancient India from the early Vedic times to Mahabharata era.

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Vedveer Arya is a civil servant and a senior officer from Ministry of Defence. He is a Sanskrit scholar and a researcher with profound insights in the chronological history of India. He made in-depth study of various epigraphs in original and critiqued the chronology of India put forth by colonial, (View More)

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