Temple Concepts and Physical Form | Dr Ashalatha Thampuran

Temple construction follows the philosophical principles of Vastushastra especially on the design of the inner, middle and outer spaces. Though based on a universal theme, regional, climatic, material, social and political influences are apparent in the visual and architectural characteristics of temple design. The talk, is about the concepts of Vastushastra and Indian Philosophy and how the two are related to the tenets of building construction as well as how it is translated into the physical form of Temple. The physical structure takes into consideration of the regional variations based on climate and the socio cultural aspects and Kerala temples are an example for this.

About Speaker: –

Dr. Ashalatha Thampuran is a renowned educationist and former Principal of College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Her vision in the field of education is the standard set for the college to grow as a center of excellence. Right from the beginning of her professional education, first at University of Kerala in Bachelors of Architecture and further at University of Roorkee in Master of Architecture, she has set high standards by securing the first rank in both. Later she did her training in Development Planning from London University. She took her doctorate from University of Kerala in Traditional Architecture. She started her academic career as lecturer in Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Here she became an assistant professor and later the Principal. In a career spanning several decades, she has been actively associated with several prestigious architectural projects. She has also done extensive research in traditional architecture and has presented several papers at national and international forum.

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