Sylhet Partition: History Of Horror And Unacceptance – A Talk By Ayon Bhattacharjee

The partition of India happened across eastern and western frontiers leading to some of the biggest human migrations, accompanied by genocides and sufferings. Information and documentation on the partition are mainly confined to that of Punjab and Bengal. A a small district called Sylhet was ceded to East Pakistan through a ‘referendum’. The partition of Sylhet led to the migration of people, mostly Hindus to the states of Assam, Bengal, Meghalaya, and Tripura where they have not yet been fully accepted.

The history of this region could not find its place in documentation. The horrors of partition, lived by people became anecdotal and the stories have been narrated across generations. This talk is about the culture, history and the tales of the “Sylhetis”.

About Speaker: –

Prof Ayon Bhattacharjee, A professor of Physics, doing research in Soft Matter Physics, passionate about Bharatbarsha and its civilizational achievements. Presently writing a book on the partition of Sylhet. (View More)

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