Sugriva’s Atlas: Part 1 | Nilesh Oak

Newer research and newer advances available to date the ancient events have pushed the antiquity of Indian civilization beyond 24,000+ years. Archaeology evidence demonstrates the presence of Human beings in India for the last 100,000+ years and the presence of agriculture for 20,000+ years. Astronomy evidence of the epics leads us to the 13th millennium BCE for Ramayana and the 6th millennium BCE for Mahabharata.

However, we have scanty descriptions of what was happening in the other parts of the world and we know little of interactions between world civilizations of deep antiquity. Did our ancestors know of the areas outside Bharata and how much did they know of the world geography? Do we have reliable accounts of the knowledge of world geography in our ancient narratives and is it possible to test their validity?

This presentation demonstrates an impressive knowledge of our ancestors of the world geography as early as 14,000+ years ago that not only is validated with empirical evidence but also corroborates what we know of the changes in ocean levels or the presence of human habitation in far off areas of the world.

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