A former banker, the Director of the Sarasvati Research Center, and Chair of the Taksha center and Institute, Dr. Srinivasan Kalyanaraman, is a pioneering researcher who has dedicated himself completely for the cause of ‘Sarasvatī Nadī Shodh Prakalpa.’ The mighty Vedic River Sarasvati, which, in its time, gave rise to an entire civilization, was lost without a trace. Now, in association with the Indian Space Research Organization and over 700 scientists, Dr. Kalyanaraman has floated the idea that it is possible to rejuvenate the river Sarasvatī by making the subterranean waters available and flowing and make River Sutlej perennial using the desiccated beds of Sarasvatī through the Rajasthan Canal. He is the author of 16 books on Sarasvati Civilization, with 14 pioneering volumes that highlight various aspects of this civilization, including language and writing systems and cultural traditions.

Sangam Talks Of S Kalyanaraman