1. Translators are needed for all Indic Languages.
2. Translators are advised to choose an article for translation from the Datasheet.
3. Translators should NEVER choose an article that is marked as ‘Under Processing’.
4. Translators are requested to do a Literal Translation, in which translation will be done line by line and all lines will be translated. (In literal translation, ideas carried by 2-3 lines will NOT be summarized to a single line). Rephrasing of words within a line is allowed to make the translation meaningful.
5. Translations of Articles will be inserted as the subtitles of respective snippet videos. So translation of every line is very important.
5. Translators can avoid translating repetitious words like “You Know… You Know”, ‘So…. So’, etc.
6. Finished translations can be submitted to ‘support.at.sarayutrust.org ‘. Translators may also contact support email address for further details and queries.

Write to us with the name of article that you chose to translate. Our support team will contact you for next set of steps.