General Note: –
All English videos will have English subtitles by default.
Before proceeding to the following steps, please login to your Google Account.

Step 1 :- Choose an article to subtitle from the Datasheet. Open article link in new window.

Step 2 :- In the article, you can see YouTube snippet video and its English transcript.

Step 3 :- Now to see the Indic language translations of this English article, please look at the navigation bar. See the pic below. You can see English and Hindi in navigation bar. This means Hindi translation of this article is available. To get Hindi translation, click on ‘Hindi’. (If Kannada translation is available you can see a navigation bar like this)

Step 4 :- Now, Hindi translation (and every other language translations) will have two parts – snippet video and the translation.

Step 5 :- From video given, go to YouTube SOURCE video. For this, at first play the video, and then click on the YouTube button at the bottom right side of video.

Step 6 :- Now video will be opened in a separate window. Next, click on “…..” button at the bottom extreme right of the video. (You can see ‘Save’, ‘Share’ buttons, left side of “….” button. See the pic). In the drop down menu click on ‘Add Translations’.

Step 7 :- In the next screen, click on “Switch language” button. (To get ‘Switch language’ button, you must be logged in to Google).

Step 8 :- In the next view, choose the language of translation, that we have in Step 3 For this, type the language name in ‘Search Box’ and choose.

Step 9 :- In the next screen, you can see the already added English Subtitle. Below the English subtitle, u can see blank box/space. You may add (copy/paste) Indic language translation (given in Step 3), that corresponds to the English subtitle, in the blank space.

Step 10 :- After done subtitling, click on ‘Submit Contribution’ button, which is on top right side of screen.

Step 11 :- Next, Sarayu Volunteer Management team will review the subtitle and accept. Contributor will get notification about acceptance or refusal by email.

Click on the below button to choose an article to subtitle

Write to us with the name of article that you chose to subtitle. Our Support team will contact you for next set of steps.