Thank you for showing interest in volunteering with us.

We have some standard things for volunteers wishing to start out with us. Please see the following.

We have three types of volunteering tasks. i) Transcribing; ii) Sub-titling iii) Translations. Here is a data sheet for volunteers to help us:

i) You may pick up any of the “Pending”, Hindi or English talks available for transcription and communicate back on this ticket when you can completed the task ; OR
ii) You may pick up Sub-Titling on our YouTube channel via the 3rd tab on this sheet and pick up for sub-titling any talk which has the link of the transcription under it (ignore the ones in Green colour, marked “Completed”). The process of joining our Channel’s community for sub-titling is given on the above sheet itself.
iii) From the second tab titled “Translations of Articles/Snippets” you may pick up any of the articles marked “Pending” against your language of choice.

Please note that this is hard work. We have a success rate of less than 5% with volunteers. The reason is that volunteers write to us in an upsurge of emotion after watching our videos but are unable to sustain the difficulty and focus that is required for transcribing and sub-titling our talks.

If you can commit to doing such difficult work with high quality and ensure you can commit atleast 15-20 hours per month, only then pursue us for volunteering. Do note we are looking for people who can give us atleast one year of association. We are very short on project management hands and it is hard for us to work with many volunteers – we prefer just a few volunteers who can work long-term.

Once you have completed any of the tasks, we recommend that you then communicate with us via a new email sent by filling the form below. If the quality of your work is good, Vinodh, our Project Manager, will get back to you and make you part of his formal team of volunteers. We then would expect to give us consistent time of 15-20 hours each month for our transcribing and sub-titling for a long time to come.

Thank you for helping. Your help with this work is really important and will be an ‘aahuti’ for our civilization.

Sarayu Team.

1. Transcription of #SangamTalks: –

Sangam Talks is a series of talks by distinguished scholars and experts on important topics covering history, economics, Indian languages, education, culture, temples, dharma, traditions, gender issues and burning current topics.

We invite Volunteers for the transcription of Sangam Talks. Click on the below button to get full details of transcription work.

2. Translation Of Short Transcripts/Articles:-

Sangam Video Team carves out important portion from every Sangam Talk and these small video portions are called Snippet Videos. Transcript of a snippet video is considered as an Article.

We need Volunteers to translate these articles to various Indic Languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, etc. Click on the below button to get detailed instructions for the translation of articles.

3. Subtitling The Video Snippets:

Each short article has a corresponding small video snippet. After the translation of articles, the volunteer has to subtitle the video. For Instructions on subtitling work, click the below button.