Job Title : Social Media and Event Management Leaders 

We are looking for a dynamic social media and events expert to join our team of passionate content creators who are dedicated to creating relevant, Indic civilizational narratives.

Skills Needed

  1. Must understand Indic Civilizational issues, is active on social media and follows
    1. speeches and writings of scholars such as Sanjeev Sanyal, Dr. Meenakshi Jain, J Sai Deepak, Vikram Sampath
    2. follows channels like SangamTalks, UpWord, Jaipur Dialogues, etc 
  2. Is politically aware, and is also interested in Indic knowledge systems or arts 
  3. Must drive one’s energy from engaging in debates on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Whatsapp, etc. on Indic/Hindu issues. 
  4. Must be able to write very good English 
  5. Ability to type in one or more desha bhaasha (such as Hindi/Marathi/Tamil) would be an additional advantage

Salary range: At par with industry standards 

Job Responsibilities

  1. Organise Twitter Spaces 
    1. Organise event banner and promote on social media 
    2. Coordinate with speaker and 2-3 interviewers   
    3. Introduce speakers and the topic to participating audience 
    4. Invite participants to engage with the speakers 
    5. Facilitate and moderate (for sensitive discussions/abusive language)
    6. Close with thanks and introduction to next Spaces topics and speakers  
    7. Manage a calendar of Twitter spaces  
  2. Help organise physical events 
    1. Work with SangamTalks team to identify speakers 
  3. Join both pro-India and anti-India (‘leftist) groups on Facebook/WhatsApp to learn and share 
  4. Help create / add to targeted topics based on interactions on social media and from inputs of the internal SangamTalks team. Some examples of targeting topics: 
    1. Was Aurangzeb really an Indian? 
    2. Did Jaichand invite Ghori to India? 
    3. Tamil evolved entirely separately from Sanskrit
  5. Use ‘YouTube Clips’ from SangamTalks videos and that of other channels to create short clips of various ‘targeted topics’ and maintain a database of these in a Google Sheet 
    1. Self-learn making 
    2. Collaborate with colleagues, watch news and interact on social media to create more ‘targeted topics’ and keep building this database 
    3. Create a list of set responses for these ‘targeted topics’ including notes, articles, full and clip videos 
  6. Respond to questions on Hindu/Indic issues on Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Share videos and set responses. 

Respond to audience questions

Please send in your responses to: 

About Sangam Talks

‘Sangam Talks’ is an Indic platform and YouTube channel that invites speakers to deliver lectures on Indian history, Indian knowledge systems, values, culture (music, arts, traditions), and even current issues related to the ‘Indian civilization’. 

Our speakers span across academicians, scholars, researchers, journalists, practitioners of the arts, social activists, and spiritual leaders.


We record these lectures, carry out high quality editing including syncing voice-video-PPT slides, and finally upload these on your YouTube channel for larger and global viewership. Currently we are organising three lectures online via Zoom. We do not live stream our lectures on any social platform.

You could see us as the TED of Indic ideas. You may see the channel: 

Twitter: @sangamtalks 


Instagram: @sangamtalks