Six Golden Pages In The History Of Bharat | Vaishali Borker

Review of History from Hindu point of view

O, Hindus! Of all the vices and weaknesses, which have brought about thy fall, the greatest and most potent are thy virtues!

Swatantryaveer Sawarkar calls these virtues as perverted and elaborates his view in this book; A few examples of perverted perception of virtues such as forgiveness, chivalry, and foolish beliefs of defilement are stated in this talk. He expresses wonder, ‘How, despite these, so many of us still remain Hindus!’ And then attributes it to the numerous brave men who emerged and guided the otherwise, blinded Hindu society. Maharshi Deval and Acharya Medhatithi, Khusro Khan and others have been touched upon. Why is there a Muslim majority in East Bengal? And other such insights are the highlights of the book.

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