Siddhās As Warriors, Bairāgīs As Kings: Decolonising Saṃnyāsī Rebellion — #SangamTalk By Dr Rinkoo Wadhera

In the present talk Rinkoo wadhera describes in detail the role played by Sanyasis as warriors to uproot the foreign rulers and oppressors of Hindu religion. The kings who became Bairagis, the Sadhus who played martial roles, the Sanyasi rebellion, the Monks of India who awakened the oppressed population of the country, the concept of Bharat Mata, all played a very important role.

Even after the Independence the sadhus were not free of colonialism. She comments on the Media and popular imagination that has stereotyped saffron clad sanyasis of India either into flamboyant novelties to be photographed at sacred congregations or as alms-seeking marginalised individuals. The warrior ascetics as flag bearers of a revolution have been forgotten and become invisible.

This talk unravels the role of warrior sanyasis who led a sustained people’s movement for four decades in the 18 th century and the untold saga of the warrior and regal Ḍaśaṇāṁī ascetics, who stood as the last bastions of human rights.

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Dr Rinkoo Wadhera is a researcher with a Post Doctorate in Gender Studies & Folkloristics. she is also an educational consultant & teacher-trainer with schools. She is the author of—Existentialism and Upanishadic Resolution in Indian English Poetry. (View More)

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