Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology Educator, and the founder of Omnio Future Academy. Shri Shivakumar Shivanetra is an exponent of Garbha Vijnana – the Vedic Pre and Perinatal Science. He is also a Jyotisha Acharya and has engendered a fusion of ancient Astrology and modern Pre-Perinatal Sciences. Shivakumar Shivanetra is the author of Blessing Before Birth® – a comprehensive set of In-utero reading books, in nine volumes, and also many prominent books like Abhimanyu Effect, Handbook of Prenatal and Infant Development etc. Shri Shivakumar Shivanetra carries a rich corporate experience with him, in his earlier tenure, has worked as a senior executive in various Indian and transnational companies in the Insurance and Financial Services industries based in India.

Omnio Future academy is an organization that works in the field of learning and development. Babaji Shivkumar Shivnetra is the founder of this organization. Uttishtha Bharat is its vision. Its approach has been to distil the wisdom from 20500 verses of the vedas and combine it with the latest developments in Modern Science.

Sangam Talks Of Shivakumar Shivanetra