Selective Interference Of The Judiciary In Hindu Festivals & Rituals — A Talk By C Surendranath

In theory, the Courts can ban lighting agarbattis, performing havan and ringing bells for pujas. How is this possible? This is because the Courts have been delivering judgements, each of which have been ever more restrictive in terms of what is allowed.

We trace the origins in the Shirur Mutt case, through the Venkataramana Devaru case the Ajmer Durgah case to the Sabarimala case. The doctrine of essential practice is analyzed against the concept of religious denominations.

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Surendranath is an independent researcher on topics concerning Hindu history, philosophy and society. He has studied the ancient Dharmashastras, Kautilya amd the Itihasas to understand traditional Hindu polity. Read More.

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