Sarasvati Civilization (Part 7): Language And Culture | Dr. S Kalyanaraman

Language and culture of Sarasvati Sindhu Civilization is discussed in detail by Dr. S. Kalyanaraman. The researches reveals that Meluha was a language union of all Bharatiya languages, it was spoken dialect of artisans, seafaring merchants of Sarasvati Sindhu Civilization. All the tablets and seals of metal alloys from various parts of civilization tell stories of artisans and metal workers through hieroglyphs. They also indicate that words used in all Indian languages have same roots. Genetic affinities of Bharat Janam have been conclusively established by various studies. The migrations of people with in India is evident. The Civilisation always promoted wealth creation for Nation.

The Indus script was used for trade and accounts by karnis or kulkarnis who kept an account of business transactions. The remarkable hieroglyphs on the Mohan-jo-daro tablet showing six protons reveals the complete guild of artisans and merchants. There are other seals also representing competence of artisans of the civilization. So the Indus script is the documentation of entire wealth creating activities by the metal workers, wood workers, sea faring merchants and all sections of society. The excavations at various sites proves the presence of a common culture, common lifestyle. So the sites should not be seen in isolation, they archaeological evidence of entire civilization as one Bharat janam. The widespread area was like a huge commercial complex and people migrated from one place to other for commercial activities.

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