Sarasvati Civilization (Part 6): Economy | Dr. S Kalyanaraman

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman talks about the Economic activity during Sarasvati-Sindhu Civilization. The locus of the activity of Rigvedic times is around Spatasindhavah, the seven rivers that fed the civilization namely: Sarasvati, Sindhu, Shatadru, Vipasha, Purushni, Asikni, Vitasta. All these rivers were navigable and were vital for the economy to develop. The Janapadas started evolving all through the land up til Srilanka and all four directions of Bharat Janama as mentioned by Vishvamitra in the Rig Veda. He goes on to explain the meanings of the seals, decoding the pictographs to explain the use of different metals and the alloys to make articles and artifacts. He talks about the Market courtyard, called Citadel, in proportion to the size of city which buzzed with heavy economic activity. The Tin ingots from a shipwreck from Haifa (Israel), the seals with one horned bull representing the gold ornaments, the dancing girl figurine, the chariot, the copper tablets, the kumbha with hieroglyphs, all boast of highly developed metallurgical skill and the association of sea faring Meluha Merchants for trade and economy across the world.

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