Sarasvati Civilization (Part 5): Technology | Dr. S Kalyanaraman

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman explains how the Technological development of a civilization adds up to the trade activity and contributes to the wealth of that nation. Quoting from Rigveda he says the mind of the artisan is yoked together in a technological framework and the thought process combines mind with materials resulting into Technology. He discusses in detail the seals and artifacts of 6th century BC that depict via pictographs the Tin bronze technology and copper evolution. The signs of metallurgy, drilling, weaving, bleaching, dyeing as well as inscribing are evident. There are objects that allude to gold coins, mint and jewellery in the 4th millenium BC during the times of seafaring Meluha Merchants.

Dr. Kalyanaraman goes on to describe the 4th Millenium BC Hieroglyphs and the Indus script inscriptions with frequent field symbols like Bull, Agnikunda, gold ornaments etc. to indicate the advanced metallurgical technology. The ornaments and artifacts were highly in demand all over the Eurasia taken across oceans by maritime merchants. So the highly advance technology placed Sarasvati-Sindhu Civilization on the global trade map.

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