RSS: Myth Vs Reality — A Talk By Ratan Sharda

This #SrijanTalk covers the following aspects of RSS:

i) Current strength of RSS – number of shakhas and affiliate organisations.
ii) Key features of RSS and its Shakha methodology.
iii) Institution of Prachaarak.
iv) Philosophy, need to organise Hindu society.
v) Fundamentals of Fundamentalism.
vi )Defining moments in life of RSS.
vii )Criticism of RSS.

About Speaker: –

Shri. Ratan Sharda has been an RSS member since childhood. He has carried out various responsibilities from local team leader to Mumbai level, heading a vibhag as sanghchaalak for 5 years. He founded Vishwa Adhyayan Kendra (Centre for International Studies) Mumbai. Shri Ratan Sharda has written View More

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