Role Of ‘Vada’ In Nyaya Darshan — #SangamTalk By Prof. VN JHA

Our knowledge system emphasizes the importance of these three disciplines to develop the capacity analyse human thoughts: Grammar to capture the structure of the language, Nyaya Sashtra to capture rationality and Purva Mimamsa to analyse discourse.

Thoughts are encoded in language, when one analyses languages, he analyses thoughts. One needs to undergo training to understand analyse and communicate. The speaker talks about various types of discourses – Vada which is the ideal form of discourse which aims at arriving at the truth, Jalpa is the discourse with an objective to win and Vitanda is criticism in a discussion.

About Speaker: –

V N Jha has taught in Pune University and retired in 2006 as Director of the Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit (1979-2006). Prof. Jha has been the founder Chairperson, Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (2002-03). (View More)

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