Rethinking Caste: A Dalit Perspective – #SangamTalk By Guru Prakash

The Dalit debate in India today has multiple layers. It is no longer viewed from the lens of affirmative action, politics of patronage and symbolism. Dalit thought has evolved with ever-changing social narratives and political landscapes. There are two vectors through which to decipher the Dalit imagination in the present context. One is contoured by aspirations and assertion and the other is well-defined within the paradigms of aggression and accommodativeness.

The New Dalit is now readying for the battle to become a stakeholder and an active participant in the New India story. She will not be bullied. The old structures of power are crumbling. The fresh wave of energy and enthusiasm will guide the Dalit narrative in a positive direction and articulate ideas of integration.

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Guru Prakash is presently working with Patna University as an Assistant Professor in the P.G. Department of Law and a Visiting Fellow at India Foundation. He is also associated with the Dalit Indian Chambers of Commerce, (View More)

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