Rehabilitating Indian History: Renewed Self Articulation of India| Smita Mukerji | Dr Rinkoo Wadhera

In the last decade, there has been among Indians a rising awareness of how the standard narrations of their history have been used against the Hindus and to undermine India as a civilisational entity. Their growing indignation, vented over the past years on various social media platforms, appears at long last to be bearing fruit, as a diffident government was finally stirred to initiate some measures in the last weeks towards making changes in the history syllabus at the school and undergraduate levels. How far these are likely to go and an assessment of the scenario thus far form the subject of our next talk by Smita Mukerji and Dr Rinkoo Wadhera: ‘Rehabilitating Indian History—Time for renewed self-articulation of our nation’

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