Reforming Indian Courts And Justice Systems — #SangamTalk By Anand Prasad

Prasad addresses the pressing need for reformations in Indian courts and the justice delivery system and gives multifarious recommendations for the same. From changes in statutory rules, constitutional changes (like appointments of judges for a lifetime), to shift from concurrent to cumulative punishment system, from embracing technology and artificial intelligence as in mobile courts, virtual courts, national knowledge grid, and creating pleading templates to the need to culturally unshackle ourselves of our colonial legacy, he explores the various aspects of the Indian judicial system that can do with minor or radical changes order to arrest the widespread impunity with which laws are broken or manipulated in India.

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Anand Prasad is a corporate lawyer, based in Delhi, with more than 27 years of experience representing both domestic and international clients on a variety of legal and commercial issues within and outside India. (View More)

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