Razakars’ Atrocities Towards Hindus : Part 2 – #SangamTalk By Dr. T H Chowdary

Razakars were a private army of ( fanaticized) Muslims raised by one Kasim Razvi, a smalltime lawyer from Latur, who has taken over the Ittehad-ul-Muslameen which was founded and sworn to keep the Nizams dominions as an independent, sovereign Islamic kingdom after the lapse of Britain’s paramountcy on 15 Aug 1947. The Razakar armed gangs with Kasim Razvi as supreme commander had the tacit support of the Nizam an d his government .

It overawed the Nizam & his government , dictated Nizam’s policy vis-à-vis the government of India in the period 1946-1948 Sept. The Razakars, with support from Nizam’s Police committed atrocities on Hindu subjects struggling for freedom from Nizam’s oppressive, exploitative rule and for accession of the state to the Indian Union. The Razakars terrorized Hindus by loot, rape, burning and butchery.

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