Shri. Ratan Sharda has been an RSS member since childhood. He has carried out various responsibilities from local team leader to Mumbai level, heading a vibhag as sanghchaalak for 5 years. He founded Vishwa Adhyayan Kendra (Centre for International Studies) Mumbai. .

Shri Ratan Sharda has written four books: –

RSS 360 degree, The Sangh & Swaraj (English & Hindi) about RSS role in freedom struggle, Memoirs of a Global Hindu (founder member of HSS), Biography of 4th RSS Sar Sanghachaalak – Prof. Rajendra Singh (Hindi)

He has translated two books about Shri Guruji (Second RSS Sar Sanghchaalak) written by eminent thinker Shri Ranga Hari ji from Hindi to English.

Apart from this, he has edited 12 books ranging from Films, Cookery to Management and a novel. He is currently a member of the RSS national media team.

Srijan Talks & Dialogues of Ratan Sharda