Quasi Currency Bonds: A Means to Boost Our Economy – #SangamTalk By Jacob J Mappilacherry

India holds 25000 tons of gold, worth 65 lakh crore rupees. The wealth is mostly idle, contributing little to the nation’s Economy.

We need massive investment in infrastructure to catch up with lost centuries of development. Our strength and independence is compromised to a certain extent when we accept FDI.

QCBs provide a means of raising domestic funds at zero risk and very low cost. The method is illustrated using Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple as example. Upto ten or fifteen lakh crores of capital can easily be raised through QCBs.

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Jacob J Mappilacherry is a Chartered Engineer & Corporate Consultant aged 65, native of Kuttanad, the land of Kerala’s boat races. Author of “Message for the Millennium”, “Bharatham Munnott”, (View More)

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