[Q/A] The Turkish Origins Of India’s Partition – A Talk By Abhijit Chavda

Main Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Erxm70VGjfE

India’s undemocratic partition – instigated by Jinnah, accepted by Gandhi and the Congress Party, and midwifed by the British – was a traumatic, epoch-making event that vivisected the world’s oldest civilization. It opened wounds that have never healed. Its effects reverberate to this day, in the form of “the idea of Pakistan” and calls for “Jinnah wali azaadi” in India.

Partition did not solve anything. The nation was broken up, and India still finds itself in a state of undeclared war with Pakistan over seven decades later. What caused Partition? What forces impelled it? Who were the principal actors? The answer is surprisingly complex.

In this talk, Abhijit Chavda shows how a sequence of seemingly unrelated events set in motion centuries ago in Arabia, Central Asia, and Turkey, eventually culminated in India’s partition and the unspeakable violence and atrocities that accompanied it.

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One Reply to “[Q/A] The Turkish Origins Of India’s Partition – A Talk By Abhijit Chavda”

  1. We, the people of this subcontinent, are somehow genetically programmed to celebrate the perpetual slavery!
    Why on earth so many of us are engaged, even professionally, to describe other’s ability, in very few numbers, to convert India & Indians into their possessions?
    Start crossing the same oceans between them and us and stop this perpetual fore play athletics!

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