[Q/A] Should India Slaughter 1,00,000 Buffaloes Every Day for Export? — A Talk By J K Bajaj

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Dr. J.K Bajaj in his #SrijanTalk shares his meticulous research that exposes the faulty rationale of the bill and shows why the cow and the buffalo are both worthy of protection.

The Chhattisgarh Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act 2004 states the following: “An Act to provide, in the interest of the general public and to maintain communal harmony and peace, for prohibition of slaughter of Agricultural cattle and for matters connected thereto”

Agricultural cattle covers:

1. Cows of all ages. 2. Calves of cows and of she buffaloes. 3. Bulls. 4. Bullocks. 5. Male and Female buffaloes.

It is recommended that the UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act 1995 be amended on the lines of Chattisgarh Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act 2004.

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