[Q/A] Science Of Sound In Hinduism | Dr M G Prasad | Vedic Perspective On Acoustics

[This talk on “Science of Sound in Hinduism” by Dr. M. G. Prasad was recorded on August 17, 2019 at INTACH, New Delhi. Little did we know that Dr. M. G. Prasad would not live to see his talk live on YouTube. He passed away on Nov 25, 2019. We at Srijan Foundation are deeply saddened by his passing away and dedicate this video as a tribute to his ‘atman’].

Main Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GFaA…

Science of sound generally refers to study of vibrations of air particles particularly in the audible frequencies. In Hinduism, the terms such as Naada and Shabda are used. However neither naada nor shabda can be translated directly as sound because Naada and Shabda refer to much more than vibrations of air particles. In RigVeda, a mantra gives the process of human speech in four stages of which the last stage is audible sound.

This talk deals with various aspects of Naada and Shabda and their impact on various aspects such as speech, music and spirituality. The talk also discusses the relationship of naada and shabda to consciousness.

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  1. the sound is always there we can only bring it to our conscious world by manifesting through instruments also voice

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