[Q/A] Marijuana Myths – A Talk By Abhitosh Tripathi

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Shri. Abhitosh Tripathi shares the story of a dioecious flowering plant Hemp or Marijuana, it’s medicinal and business uses and sheds light on its past and present.

Used for centuries in India in forms such as bhang, this was discovered by the Western world only after 1498. There is plethora of anecdotal evidence and research work that now propounds the benefits and medicinal uses of this plant. It’s two key ingredients THC and CBD are said to be useful in curing illness such as of cancer, alzheimers and parkinsons to name a few.Considered the plant that conquers all, it was called Vijaya!

A phenomenally fast and high growth plant, perfect for cash crop plants. Every part of this tree can be utilised and it is very amenable to industrial usage. Seeds of Marijuana are a superfood richer than prevalent Omega 3 alternatives. It’s stalk and fibers can be used to produce materials such as rope, clothing, plywood, concrete and even bio-fuel. The use and versatility of this billion dollar plant, threatened other industries eventually leading to it being banned in USA in 1938 with follow-on effects on rest of the world and India.

About Speaker: –

Abhitosh Tripathi has nearly 30 years of experience in the IT industry. He researches Smart Cities using AI and Machine Learning. He has a keen interest in Indian scriptures, specifically Itihasa texts and their historicity. Read More…

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