[Q/A] India’s Missing Kootayuddha (Covert Warfare) — A Talk By Bharat Karnad

Main Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8MzH…

All statecraft involves covert warfare. Some countries, however, are better at it than others. In Asia, India and China have had a long tradition of statecraft involving covert policies and actions. This is reflected in the codicil — Arthashastra, compiled by Chanakya, and in Sun Tzu’s treatise on strategy. But while China has continuously conducted covert warfare, India, despite its equally rich history of clandestine operations from ancient India, has lost the knack for it, in part, because during the colonial era, it was the British who practiced it against Indian kingdoms and principalities with a view to absorbing them in the Raj. Since 1947, the country’s covert policy has mostly been restricted to Pakistan.

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