Poly Scientific Ayurveda and PSA Management of Corona and Digital Doctor Assistant — #SangamTalk By Dr Ravishankar

Having modelled the Tridoshas in experimental animals as early as 2002, Dr Ravishankar Polisetty was the first in the world to quantify Vata, Pitha and Kapha in individual organs and gave rise to Poly-Scientific Ayurveda, an advanced form of clinical biotechnology and all-natural personalized treatment.

In his lecture, Dr Ravishankar Polisetty demonstrates the depth of the Ayurvedic science and the magnanimity of the Bharatheeya Rishi-Scientists in presenting a very advanced form of Mathematical Bio-chemistry in a simple language as he walks us through his translational research of Ayurveda in lay terms and explains how regeneration of tissues could be achieved

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Dr Ravishankar Polisetty is a Cardiac Surgeon turned Translational Ayurvedic researcher and is a member of various cardiac surgery associations across the world. Even during his days of acquiring medical education, he realized that personalized medicine remains, (View More)

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