Place Of Manu & Other Smritis In Hindu Tradition | Nithin Sridhar

Shastras play a central role in Hindu tradition and society. However, due to the effects of colonialism, Hindus have become deracinated and have lost touch with this core of their civilization. The deracination is so deep that while detractors of Hinduism with ideological agendas continue to use Hindu Shastras, especially texts in the Dharmashastra tradition like Manusmriti as a tool to undermine Hinduism, the response from the Hindu side has been clumsy, disoriented, and one that involves denouncement of our Shastras as not relevant and outdated. This talk seeks to rectify this prevalent confusion and misconception among the Hindus through a presentation of the true role of texts like Manu and other Smritis as a Pramana-Shastra.

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