Pingala’s Amazing Mathematics — #SangamTalk By Chandrahas M Halai

How does an epidemic spread? In an exponential pattern. On what principle does digital technology work? It works on the binary number system. Chandrahas Halai explains the multiple ways in which our life is patterned on Mathematical concepts, and how it was ancient India that gifted these concepts to the world. Did you know that the binary number system or the exponential number systems, the poetic meters and many more fundamental concepts of arithmetics are the gifts of ancient Indian mathematics to the world of technology?

Ancient Indian prosodist and mathematician Pingala was the first to develop and use the binary number system while studying and analyzing Sanskrit poetic meters (chandah / छन्द:) in his work Chandahshastra composed around 3rd century BCE. In this book, Pingala had developed some amazing mathematics concepts dealing with combinatorics, developing algorithms for radix conversion (for binary number system), algorithms for quick exponential calculation and more.

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Engineer, Scientist, Mathematician, Author, Photographer, Painter, Designer, and Management consultant. Chandrahas Halai is an engineering consultant with interests in many diverse fields like mathematics, physics, aerospace, mechatronics, and mechanical engineering. For the last 20 years, he has been involved in engineering consultancy. (View More)

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