Partition of India — A Talk By Meenakshi Sharan

Indians seem to be poignantly condemned to repeat history again and again. No other people forget their historical scars and trauma as readily as Indians do. The Jews never allowed themselves to forget the Holocaust, but a majority of Indians seem to have forgotten the utter devastation and horrors of Partition.

Why was Partition forced upon gullible Indians? Who were the players in this gruesome tearing apart of a nation? When were the seeds of Partition sown? Was it merely about cunning British ploys and political opportunism of the ‘tired old men’ of Congress, or was it about the sinister Islamic design of waging war upon India as Dar Ul Harb, and about establishing Dar Ul Islam in India by grabbing piecemeal chunks of territory? More importantly, have Indians learnt their lessons?

Meenakshi Sharan, who grew up listening to overwhelming stories about her family’s escape from Pakistan, gives uncomfortable answers to these uncomfortable questions. She not only examines the signs and patterns in the events that led to the brutal mutilation of a nation, a culture and a civilization, but takes us on a journey back in time to give us a feel of what it must have been like for those brave Hindus and Sikhs, who survived, or did not survive Islamic barbarism during Partition.

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Meenakshi Sharan is a hospitality entrepreneur. She is an avid history buff and perpetually researches episodes where history was faulted to manufacture faux narratives. Read More…



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  1. Excellent effort and enlightenment to young people including myself to realise real history which unfortunately not taught to us in our school.

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