Pakistan In Self-destructive Mode | Arif Ajakia

In this talk, he gives a background and a detailed analysis of how Pakistan seems to be in a self-destructive mode.
India was one of the richest colonies of the British. Culturally and historically, India had a very rich background that it was not possible for the English to change it, all they could do was to contain it. When the colonizers left, India alone had the potential to become a world power. Thus, it was important for the British to have a rogue nation to contain India. The two nation-theory was their tool to achieve this aim.

The talk is an analysis of the internal fragmentation within Pakistan in light of the Baloch revolt, demand for Sindhu-desh, internal political scenario and different sets of loyalties within the military. Pakistan is in a self-destruction mode, says Ajakia, and the root cause of all this is Pakistan’s mighty, brutal & oppressive army, dismembering which will bring peace to the region & the world.

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