Origin of Murti Puja Through Vedic Dance | Dr. Bharat Gupt

In the present talk, the eminent scholar Dr. Bharat Gupt, is making attempts to revive the actual traditions that once existed as traditions of performance based on saguna upaasanaa. It was propogated in the 19th century scholars that Murti Puja has nothing to do with Vedic Yajna. The Hindu apologists saw the emergence of sects like Arya samaj, Brahmo Samaj etc. that undermined the Murti Puja.

In Natya Shastra the transition from worship of a Devata through mantra recitation/ucchaarana in Yajna to the visual representation of a Devataa/Devi as a dancing figure. This dancing rupa was called Pindi bandha which was later imitated by sculptors to create murti. Bharat Gupta ji reiterates the importance of Murti puja based on Saguna Upasana and the Natya Shastra that was used by Natyakaar to propogate the teachings of Vedas to common people.

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